Biofarma Pharmaceuticals, as a leading firm in Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry sustains its policy with proud, which has been established by the importance upon human health as well as its motto says, “medicine should not be the second class”.

Biofarma developing continuously its quality standards and the goals preparing itself entering long term solid R&D investments in order to provide Turkish Medicine and Health with the new products.

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R&D Center continues medicine developing efforts in line with local and international regulations with machinery, equipment and devices in the powerful hi-tech Formulation and Analytics Labs. Develoing the new planned drugs is determined by considering current treatment approaches and innovations. Renewed R&D structure provides product development processes from the beginning till the launch with controlled high productivity.

Powerful and actual Pipeline that Biofarma R&G Center is working on was formed by Central Nervous System, Cardivascular, Genitourinary and Gastroistestinal System products as well as analgesics, antiinflammatory, antidiabetics, antiinfectives and hormones preparations.

R&D Center develop products in solid, semisolid and liquid forms in line with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) necessities and WHO regulations.

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Patent applications, as an anticipated result of R&D efforts are still ongoing and the number of projects applied for TUBITAK.

Works in our R&D Center are carried out by a number of highly qualified professionals (BSc, MSc and PhD) from chemistry and pharmaceutics area.

During product development, R&D Center work in coordination with the departments listed below.

  • Intellectual Property Department
  • Formulation Development Department
  • Analytics Development Department
  • Clinical Researches Department
  • Regulatory Department
  • Pharmacovigilance, Product Safety Department
  • Pharmacoeconomics, Pricing and Reimbursement Department

As they are the important part of its product development processes, Biofarma maintains high caliber registration professionals in order to registrate the products yielded from meticulous R&D efforts, not only locally but also internationally.

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