• We hire people who will augment our productivity.

Our most basic purpose is to employ most productive people, ensure high efficiency between our employees, augment their performances and allow them to develop.

  • We see each of our employees as distinctive value.

We see our employees as flag bearers of their works and we create a good job environment which they can use to improve themselves and unleash their potentials.

  • We plan in-house corporate communications and activities and implement them.

We honour our employee’s contributions, we organise in-house corporation communication activities and create a strong bond between our employees and our corporation.

  • We identify our employee’s needs before they need it.

We actualize the applications which will contribute to our employee’s needs.


Our employees are our most valuable assets. For this reason we aim to make our relationships with our employees to be permanent and concrete so that we can be together for a long time.

We care about the health of our employees and know that the success they display at work depends on their health and their happiness.

We aim to create a workplace which is suitable occupational health and safety protocols.


  • To create basic human resources policies and application to reach our goals,
  • To use Human Resources as effective and as productive as possible,
  • To choose right people for right works and choose people who has necessary skills to use and hire them in the most suitable departments,
  • To promote employees for their good performances at work,
  • To appreciate and motivate people and ensure that they are working for a company they feel excited and honoured about,
  • To increase the satisfaction, motivation and loyalty of our employees,
  • To achieve success together.

The vision of Human Resources

To be one of the best in pharmaceutical industry in Turkey.

To create most the suitable environment for our employees to work with motivation and increase their performance.

To make our most valuable asset which is Human Resources consist of people who will adopt the institutional values of BIOFARMA PHARMATICALS.


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