Biofarma is one of the oldest medicine companies which had been founded in 1945s in Turkey. Biofarma was continuing its action in Mercan-Istanbul between 1950 -1989.
Biofarma was bought by Mustafa Öncel in 1973. After that it became limited company. The company has always been aware of technological improvements by using specialists and technological opportunities.
In 1990 Biofarma was relocated from Mercan-Istanbul to Sancaktepe-Istanbul in a 18.929 m² field which has a 15.000 m² modern facility and after that we became a joint-stock company in 1998. Right now we are part of the Isanne S.A.R.L. LUX. Group.

With values trust, good vision, good mission and traditional values the brand of trust and quality in medicine market Biofarma Pharmacies serves Turkish medicine since 1945.

Biofarma works with dynamic, creative, open minded people. Also necessities of working in Biofarma is having high motivation and believing team spirit.

  • Vision

Our vision is becoming well known global company in medical industry and selling our products to every country.

  • Mission

Our mission is to product, medicine which is qualified enough in global standards and to have social and environment friendly medicine.


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