Biofarma has a very special position in Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry with its over 50 years’ experience. We render service to Turkish medicine by producing our all drugs, from R&D and development of various pharmaceutical forms to production, at our high-capacity, modern and GMP approved production facility in Sancaktepe/İstanbul.

Since 1947, we have been trying to create added value to our business associates, our people using our products, employees and society, and we have been using our experience to make all the difference.

We aim at offering innovative, sustainable drugs, which are based on our people’s needs and comprehensive in treatment, in line with our new vision “new licenses, local drugs” determined as a result of the strategic plan based on our next ten years, carrying Biofarma to the future in pharmaceutical industry.

We have decided to produce drugs, which are added value in treatment, by expanding our activities in every field of “local drug value chain”. At the present time, Biofarma is a company operating in product development, formulation creation, sales and after sales, as well as being a production-oriented company.

We aim at being a more successful main drug producer and strengthening our position in Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry by using the current capacity more efficiently, increasing our size and profitability through contract manufacturing of drugs for various firms having production needs, and expanding the geography of countries to which we export.

In addition to generics producing company, Biofarma is now a company offering solution in each field of pharmaceutical industry. We work on projects to expand our product range together with our strategic collaborations with the purpose of increasing our market performance and standing out, as well. In this regard, we do not only produce formulas and drugs developed by our collaborators, but also develop, produce, market and sell such drugs together with them.

We actively participate in the projects of our associates for which we carry out contract manufacturing, develop their products and produce for them. Within this scope, we have achieved important projects and collaborations.

Furthermore, we will have completed transfer of our sister company, Münir Şahin Pharmaceutical Plant to Biofarma pharmaceutical facilities within the year. Upon completion of this project, our production capacity will reach up to annual 70 million/box. As Biofarma, we also export our products to Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Caucasian countries in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

As Biofarma, we intend to have a voice in 10-billion dollars export target projected for our pharmaceutical industry by 2023, the hundredth anniversary of the Turkish Republic and we are carrying on our works in this direction and at full steam.

Biofarma, one of the biggest players in Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry will play an important role in this challenging process.



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