Biofarma Medicine production facilities are doing all production and packaging processes with high speed and latest technological machines in line with cGMP rules.

Biofarma facilities which were relocated to Sancaktepe at 1990 facility have an 18,000 m2 land and 15,000 m2 closed space.

In the main production line in SOLID, LIQUID, HALF-SOLID, SOFT GELATINE CAPSULE form getting produced apart from this line, on a different unit specifically for European market HORMONAL MEDICINES are being produced, these products are being sold in domestic markets and foreign markets alike EUROPEAN MARKET. This production unit has been approved by England Health Ministry with MHRA method.

With SAP system which is used in every part of production from financial point to production we are able to optimize product materials and our product stocks.

Biofarma İlac Üretim Biofarma İlac ÜretimBiofarma İlac Üretim Biofarma İlac Üretim

From our 2 shift work of yearly 70 millions case of production capacity we use 45 millions for SOLID PRODUCTS, 15 millions for HALF-SOLID products and rest of it for LIQUID, HORMONAL, and SOFT GELATIN CAPSULES. And apart from that with our ever increasing product array and in accordance with the requests from our costumers we are ready to increase our production capacity.

Every machine in the production line is check with KPI (Performance Criteria) on a daily and weekly basis with the principles of ‘CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT‘ and ‘LEAN PRODUCTION‘; in accordance to that data we can make improvements to the machine lines and keep the costs low and quality high. All products are from product lines and packaging lines appear as half-goods and finished goods, these products come in the form under mentioned.


Solid production
  • Tablet, Film-Coated tablet, Sugar-Coated pill
  • Capsule
  • Granul Suspension
Liquid production
  • Syrup
  • Suspension
  • Sprey
  • Solution
Half-Solid Production
  • Ointment
  • Pomade
  • Cream
  • Gel
Soft-Gelatine Capsule
  • Tablet, Coated Tablet


Every half-good that is produced at the manufacturing line, are packaged without manual interference with a checking system which composed of electronic machines with 0% mistake principle. Then they are distributed to patients.

At Biorfarma Pharmaceuticals %12 of yearly production are exportation %8 of yearly production are outsourced contracts. With improvement to HORMONE and SOFT GELATIN CAPSULE production line we aim to increase our production capacity and increase fason production volume. Biofarma pharmaceutic that ready to extend and to be receptive of range of product extends own costumer portfolio day by day.


All material flow in the depot are managed by WM (Warehouse Management) system which is suitable to GMP and SAP integral. In 3.500 m2 closed space 3.700 copy of pallets storage capacity fast merchandise transfer can be done. Apart from that there is a different storage with ex-proof feature for solvent materials. For Hormone materials there is a different storage separate from main building. Suitable to cold chain 2-8 0C storage space, is a different segment for storage.

Environment friendly and harmless to humans’ electrical forklifts and pallet trucks are used. For product which are sensitive to moisture, there special kind of storage spaces. And same thing goes for toxic, critic and sensitive materials as well.

In material storage spaces, processes are in accordance to FAZ 2 System and these storages also have ITS-PTS type notifications.

Biofarma İlac Üretim Biofarma İlac Üretim


All production, quality labs, archives and facilities like that which is critical GMP spots has BMS (Building management System) ventilation systems to create air flow. Because of this energy saving are at maximum level, all equipment calibration/qualification and preventive maintenance registrations/follow-ups are done by validated packed program BKK systems.

Processed waste water are filtered at our high capacity filtering facilities and exhausts for powdery productions are filtered by HEPA Filters and then released to atmosphere.


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